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CM Hightop

CM Hightop

Improve your camping experience with one of our tops. 

  • Keep your bedding on the upper bunk all the time
  • Add interior storage over the cab
  • Insulate the top to extend your camping season
  • Give your tin top some standing room
  • Interior Specs.

    • Standing height from floor to lowest point of ceiling is 6'2"

    • Standing height from floor to highest point of ceiling is 6'7"

    • Height from top of Westfalia mattress to ceiling is 21"

    • Width of top bunk is 52"

    • Width of ceiling above bunk is 36"

    • At the most narrow point, bulkhead space above cockpit is 16"H x 51"W x 27.5"D then flairs down towards the front to 36"D

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